Look @ what Mrs.Carol made !!!!!

I mean....is there anything more cuter than this neck warmer??? I adore it! Jessica's mommasita made it from a picture I showed her.....such talent....(sigh)   :-)

OOO - We want to send our congrats over to Holly at CreateLoves she found out she is having a girl!!!!!

I bought a bunch of old sheets today to make this cute Picnic Quilt! (maybe a couple of them)

You can find the original post over at Smile and Wave.

There are some new items in the Etsy Shop, you should go check them out.....buy something also.  :-)


The Ladies are meeting tomorrow night to map out our 2010 game plan. We are expecting amazing things this coming year....

Love you all!!!!!


We love you guys and pray that you have the best Christmas you and your family has ever had.

More craftiness to come, it's been a little crazy in our little worlds, but we will be back to our old "crafty" ways very, very soon. I made some incredibly cute little "critters" for my neices christmas presents, I will post them tomorrow, they will end up being an item we sell in our etsy shop I am quite sure!

If you haven't finished your holiday shopping, making, or baking, be safe out there!


I Should be Studying

But, I've been making Christmas Presents instead :-). I decided to make handwarmers for my roomies for Christmas because they're so quick and easy. I just finished the first pair and they were a huge hit! Now I just have 2 more to make. I'm so excited because I used some new multicolor yarn for the fringe that one of my roommates actually bought me for Christmas and it's so neat!

Now, back to studying :-). Christmas Break is only 3 days away!!

Be crafty!


I know we've been talking alot about our Etsy Shop, but it's kinda been a goal coming to life so that is something to be excited about. Seriously - go check it out and tell us what you think! We are completely open to suggestions and advice.

We also bought some "ad space" on this AMAZING lady's blog....

What is inspiring me right now???? well...... LOTS, but I will keep it to a minimum.  :)

Can't remember where I saw this, but WOW-O!!!! LOVE!

Anyhoooooo..... Love you guys! Have a day....I take that back, make yourself have a day! Sometimes you have to do that.