The Waiting Game

we have been super excited about our Eureka Springs trip since we first thought it up ..... our weather people are not cooperating and are predicing some snow up there tonight and tomorrow.... eeek! So we are believing that it will all melt away before Thursday Night, and that we can safely make it up there and have a great time.... we shall see.

We HAVE to get away this weekend, because I FINALLY got all the Hello Ladies buttons in boxes that can be easily carried around!!!!

-here would have been a great place to insert a pic of said boxes .... but I forgot to take one ... oops ... -

Anyhoooo, we will let you know tomorrow how our weekend is going to go.


Baby Bailey - welcome to the world!

Congrats to our dear friends Eddie and Charlie on the birth of their first daughter Bailey!!! She is a totally cutie and will be completely decked out in some Hello Ladies gear real soon! Here is a hat Krystle crocheted while waiting on Bailey to enter the world. 

what we're working on...

We've been semi-productive in the Sweatshop here lately! Check out some of our new stuff.

Frilly collared onesies :-) We've got even bigger plans for these!

Bumblebee onesies! We adore these...

A new easy to crochet hat...sorry this is the only pic right now...

and several new buttons rings.

What are you working on??

The Hello Ladies

Swoon Day - 1.24.11 - Softies

I adore softies! They can be as neat and cute as you want or as complete craziness as you want! The sky is the limit on them. We have a created a few over at the Hello Ladies Sweat Shop - here are a few pics of those:

And here are a few that had to offer me.  :)

Get creative and make a softie for someone. I made them for all my neices one year for Christmas and they LOVED them!!!!


Swoon Day 1.17.11

I gotta a feeling this will be a new feature here on  the Hello Ladies blog. Today I am swooning over some beautiful Photography. Photography that makes me want to break out my camera, and go crazy. So, here it is.......


Have a great day everyone!!!

Hello Ladies ..... Road Trip!!!

The first weekend in February the Hello Ladies will be embarking on our first ever ROAD TRIP!!! We are going to be heading up to Eureka Springs - about a 4 hour drive. The whole trip is basically because we wanted to listen to some great music without stopping for anything!  :)

We are staying at the Rose Cottage .... look at how cute this place is, we are super duper excited!!!

Eeeeeekkkkk! So Excited! Look for some amazingly cute pics after the trip, we will probably have some video because I got a NEW LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled beyond words, it has been a life saver!

I think a BIG part of 2011 we will be doing this project:

here are some cute projects we are looking forward to trying out and making some cool projects of our own.

Have a great day!!!!

2011 Will Be Awesome!!!

Hey everyone! We are finally getting back into the swing of things after a super crazy Christmas and New Years. 2011 has started out pretty awesomely!

We've been busy on projects for CPC:Conway (a new church campus we started in another town), here are a few pics!
Krystle painted this cutie pie collage of Hot Air Balloon pics for the 3 4 & 5 year old room at the church! It will also have a HUGE balloon in the corner of the room......we are still working out some of the details on that one.

Look at the prototype for the HUGE Balloon going in that room!!! The real one will be about 6 feet tall and 5 to 6 feet wide! It's gonna be amazing!

This is the baby room toy area. Krystle and I got some AMAZING deals on toys! Let me say, the construction hats are a big hit with the kiddos.

How stinkin' cute is this tree that Jess painted????? The theme in the room is Woodlands! there will be cute baby crocheted animals soon, and cute white shelves with ...... adorableness oozing off them.  :)

This is the Children's Church......  :(  it's got NO personality yet! Children's Church is called Kids On Track and we are going with the RaceCar theme..... we'll get it.  :)

ANYWHO - we are working on our 2011 goals and will be sharing them soon.

SPEAKING of sharing soon...... we will announce the winners of our 12 days of Christmas Challenge! We had such a great time working on that, hope you had fun too!

Have a great day!!!