Crazy about Stripes

I LOVE stripes, I don't know why, I don't know when started it, but when I go shopping, the first items I see are striped items..... So I'm sending you a bit of striped love this afternoon. 
What are your favorite patterns?     :-)

Even some Hello Ladies Coasters are striped.......guess who makes those? Yuppers, me.  :)

Good times! Don't forget to check out the links and support these shops! Have a lovely day!


We Have a Winner!!

Guess what. Linzi became our 100th Facebook fan :-) congratulations!! We're so excited to give her a gift certificate to our Etsy store. YAY!! We love fans.

Guess what again! Etsy update is coming up toward the end of February :-). We are working hard to get some sweet handmade treasures ready. Also, a pretty amazing/easy DIY is coming sososo soon I promise. I might get stuck in Conway for the weekend due to weather, and that would be the perfect time to finish the project.

Be crafty!


So, a couple of exciting newses for you tonight.

A.) We are at 99 the very next person that becomes a fan of Hello Ladies on facebook wins the prize...hurry, hurry, hurry!! If you happen to be the winner allow a few days for us to work out the gift certificate logistics on Etsy and then you can do some shopping :-).

B.) My dear friend Carla, who is my fabulous cake making mentor and second mom, now has a blog. She makes these FANTASTIC custom cakes right in her home kitchen. It is ridiculous...and despite what you may have heard about fondant cakes and how nasty they taste...these cakes taste amazing! Trust me I know the recipe...if you like sugar and marshmellows you would love her fondant cakes. She usually only makes one cake a week so if you have something in mind you should let her know in advance so she can save the date. Go check her blog out and become a follower.

Be crafty!


So I'm not sure that everyone knows, but Krystle (aka Krackle) is in LOVE with pandas. We (Sarahbeth, Krackle, Me & my hubby) recently went to the Memphis Zoo, and they have a big Panda exhibit there. Let me just say this: Krystle was beside herself. We spent at least half and hour watching them sleep, and then when they started waking up and moving around, Krystle expressed what can only be described as joy. Pure, complete, unadulterated, joy. She giggled like she was five again, and before we moved on, she had named the pandas. It was so freaking fun! So, to honor that great event in her life, I have posted some cute panda pics to hopefully brighten your day. (I know it will brighten hers!) :) ILY Krackle!!


Happy, Happy Day.

We officially have 93 Hello Ladies fans on Facebook. ANNND since we love our fans, we've decided that the 100th fan will recieve $15 to spend as they wish on any item in our etsy store OR on a custom item. If you're not a fan...become one. If you are a fan, tell your friends to be fans...they will love you for it! :-)

Much Love!
-Hello Ladies

My houndstooth inspiration.

Okay, Mandy's houndstooth post totally inspired me. I promised my friend I would make her a houndstooth cake someday and so I sat down and started brainstorming. She's got this awesome crazy sense of fashion so I tried to incorporate it into the cake. I want it to scream "JESS!" Here are a couple ideas I had. The last one with a question mark isn't an actual design I want you to let me know if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

I'm excited about making it. I'm hoping for this summer because I'm also making Char's wedding cake in March. Maybe it will be my first cake in my new kitchen. That's an exciting thought!!

I also found this houndstooth cake on Buttercakes by Evan

They used an edible image and covered the fondant. Unfortunately, I don't have those capabilities. And I'm not a huge Bama fan (Go HOGS!) but I think this Bear Bryant hat cake is pretty awesome. You should definitely check out this blog because there are some amazing cakes and she goes through a lot of the steps, which I love because I can attempt it at some point.

Well, I'm headed across the hall to watch a disney movie with the boys :-)!

Be crafty!

Ode to Houndstooth

SOOO I am a total fanatic about Houndstooth, so today I thought I would share some lovely finds from across the internet........enjoy!

Baby Shoes!...... can't get any cuter

sigh - so cute

Totally going to have a Houndstooth Christmas Card this year!

I am seriously considering this coat .......

love, love, love, love, love

how adorable is this dress?????

Can't resist these earrings...... someone I know may be getting these for their birthday!!!

Scarflette - you are beautiful


ADORE This Camera Bag!!!! Putting it on my birthday wish list!

If there are blue words in the description, go check out the links, buy something, houndstooth will never go out of style   :) 

Have a great day everyone!

sweet etsy shop

Hellllloooooo! Krystle here. I just want to share a great find!
Today I got my bridesmaid dress in the mail and it is fabulous. It's a teeny bit loose in the waist and other areas (hello ladies??). But it's nothing that my mom can't handle. I bought the dress from funnelcakefashion's shop on etsy. She did an amazing job and if you're looking for cute,  affordable, handmade clothes you would be crazy if you didn't check her out!

:-) P.S. I am going to start on some house slippers tonight while watching the new season of Project Runway!!

Be Crafty!

How To Set Up Your Very Own Etsy Account.

Hello there, Krystle here. I am going to share with you these super easy instructions for how to set up your very own Etsy account. This way you can purchase our items online, and leave sweet feedback for us.
It's so simple there are only 7 steps total if you count signing in to your account at the end!

So first type in the address

Then, click "Register" in the upper right hand corner.

Now you're ready to create your account. The first step is creating your username. This is unique to each member, so you might have to try a few times to find a name that hasn't already been taken. Next Type in your password.

Then type in your email address. This is so you can communicate with other members, sellers, or customers. It isn't for annoying junk mail. Finally, at the bottom of this page, check the terms of service, and click submit. You're almost finished!

This is the next screen you will see. It basically tells you to check your email to confirm your new account.

So, when you check your email it will look something like this:

Now all you have to do is click the super long blue link and you're finished. You can sign into your new account and shop til you drop!

So just a quick recap: 1. username 2. password 3. email 4. terms of service 5. submit 6. click email link

I hope you enjoy!

Be Crafty!

2010 - You have arrived!

Hello Ladies welcomes 2010 with open arms and excited spirits!

We had a meeting a week ago to get in unity and to discuss what this next year holds for us as 'Hello Ladies', and our personal goals. I've never been much of a 'goal' person, but this year .... it's pressing me to become that person. So this week, the ladies, and myself are taking some time to figure out what our goals are and then to get a plan together on how to do that! I know that we plan on doing a vintage photoshot this year, so be looking for that one soon as it warms up, because Jenna couldn't handle it.    :)

We got a dusting of snow here in Central Arkansas today, it was beautiful and reminded me of Colorado SO much, I need to visit someday soon. I know my hubby would absolutely love it.

(Taken from my jeep window while the car warmed up. It was the kind of snow that when it fell it wasn't a blob, each little snowflake was different and seperate....sigh, it's melted now, but we expect more on Wednesday.)

I've been working on my picnic quilt....yay for me, I have the top almost done (just a little embrodiery work and it will be finished) and then I will quilt it.

I think it is adorable, and of course it got me to thinking about more quilts and SO I started 2 more baby quilts.....they are going to be CRAZY cute.

The craft nights at church start back up this Thursday night! A new crop of ladies and new talents to be discovered, I am pretty excited about it. I have learned SO much from these ladies and it's been the best time of fellowship I have had in a really long time!

Wwwwweeeellllll, I guess that's about it! I encourage you to set some goals for this year, even if they are small .... accomplish something!