I promise we have not dropped off the face of the earth, we have just hit another BUSY stage in our lives and we are getting some things worked out. I have made the CUTEST tree skirt on the planet and it was the easiest thing on the planet. I have all the pics and DIY goodness and will post real soon! Stay with us, I promise it will be worth it.


On another note, for everyone local, Hello Ladies has a booth at the Blue Suede Shoes Antique Store in Bryant. Inventory will be up before December – right in time for last minute Christmas Shopping!!!!! Will let you know when it is ready!!!!!


Fabric Coiled Coasters ….. fail

So I have been seeing these really, really, really cute pics of fabric coiled coasters ALL over Pinterest, so I decided that the girls and I would try our hands at them this past weekend….. It didn’t go well.


The instructions were great on this tutorial and I loved how theirs turned out …. but ours didn’t turn out so great. I apologize for not getting pics of Gabby and Kayla’s finished project.


The best part of the night was ripping the strips of fabric we needed.



I blame my choice of fabric mostly, but it was A LOT of work and I wasn’t please it how it came out. I may try it again one day…. maybe not, who knows. If you work on it and it comes out better…. let me know.  :)


Blog Lovin’

In case you were interested …. and I know you are, swing on over to Jessica’s art blog…. it is pretty awesome if you ask me, and you did…..  :)


You’re Welcome


Harvest at Hillcrest–Recap

Harvest at Hillcrest is one of our favorite shows to do. Very family friendly, LOTS of shoppers and usually a lot of strange people there too. This year was a little different… It has GROWN and there were about twice as many booths as there was last year, and we didn’t see too many strange people….. a little sad on that last one. Though a lady did come by while we were all working on something and call us “old bitty’s … in a good way”. We laughed on that all day.


Mo (Mandy’s Mom) made us a bunch of bean bag frogs to sell….and they sold like hotcakes.



Jordan organizes our change box…. it never stays like that.


Our cute earring display


Up the street


New Onesie Unit….. Big thanks to the Goodman clan for whipping this up in less than a week…it was WONDERFUL!!!!


Our newest owl shirts for adults. We sold the black one…yay!


Cutie Pie Onesies (which are for sale…. just sayin’)


Krystle made this owl Beanie….a lady loved it so much that she asked Krystle if she could crochet another one before the lady went home! And Krystle WHIPPED it out like a BEAST! So cute!

Jess walks through our booth…..

ANYWHO, we had a great day and

Race for the Cure–Recap.

October 21st was Race for the Cure day in Little Rock! WE HAD A BLAST!!!!! There were several emotional moments for our group as we some remembered family and friends, while others celebrated a life saved. It was a day I will never forget. Just the SHEER number of people there was insane! It was a sea of humanity – literally. All there for one cause. Amazing.


3/5th’s of the Hello Ladies, Jordan was somewhere in the crowd, and Jessica had to work. Next year we will be together!


Jessica B showing off her survivor shirt and Hello Ladies mask. :)


The Race starting.


Several of us got emotional over the sign this lady was holding.


Krystle and I rocking our pink wigs…… Sarah photo bombing us in the background. 


There were people as far as the eye could see.



Judy (Krystle’s Aunt), Debbie (Krystle’s mom), Krystle and I…. We look HOT!


We were probably in the middle of the race crowd, and when you crossed one bridge you could look across at the other bridge and see the crowd in front of you or the crowd behind you…..It was pretty awesome to see.


BEST part of the day was all the signs and the sayings. Our Team was called “Jessica’s Walkers for Knockers”, there was some “WooPig Boobie”…. I could GO ON FOREVER! We made boob jokes all day long. The pirates were hilarious and the all time favorite sign was “Please stop this war in my Rack” and it looked like a war protest sign…. I cried laughing SO hard!


There were several people on the river with pink boats or pink paddles cheering us on.

All in all the day was pretty crazy, and pretty amazing. We walked for Jessica, but I know we all got something out of it. If you ever have a chance to Race for the Cure….do it, you will not regret it at all. I am looking forward to next year and the craft night beforehand to get our outfits ready…… eeek! Gonna be FUN!


Awesome Project for an Awesome Lady

We are exceptionally blessed to have awesome friends who encourage us in our dreams and support us when we have doubts. One of our VERY good friends has been winning the battle against breast cancer since April of this year. She has been happy, upbeat and has been kicking some cancer butt. We’ve been SO honored to be there to support her.


This weekend the Hello Ladies will be walking with Jessica and for Jessica at the Little Rock Race for the Cure. She is required to wear a face mask out in public for a little while and she came to the Hello Ladies to “bling out” her masks. Of course we jumped at the honor. Here is what Jess S and I came up with.









We are SUPER excited about this Saturday! I know we will have a TON of pics from the race! Check out the shirts we get to wear!!! I couldn’t find a pics of the front. But is pretty awesome!


We LOVE you Jessica and we are with you 100%!

~the Ladies~

2 Weekends of CRAZINESS

I think these past two to three weeks have been the busiest of my life!! 2 Big Days at church 2 Big craft shows …. We will recap on the AMAZING Hillcrest show on the 15th tomorrow. Right now we are super tired and sleepy, so we are gonna rest.  :)


Old Fashioned Day Recap


New Sets of Coaster




New Onesie Patterns!!!! They turned out SO cute and the owl turned out to be a BIG seller.


Friday – Krystle and I had a scheduled photoshoot with 2 special little girls! They were such cuties and did a wonderful job displaying our wares..   :)


Our Tie-Dye Onesie


Crochet Headband AND our “Be Square” softie.


Sherpa Hat and one of our cute Softies.


“Feelin’ Crabby” Onesie


New Baby Beanies….. She Disliked it!  :)


Whale Onesie


Our shopping bags. They turned out super cute!


Jessica’s Paintings! I love them all!


The coaster table… design…..we love!


Earring Display.



Crowds were a little low, but we had a great time! This weekend we have out BIG show Harvest @ Hillcrest. We are really excited about it!