I promise we have not dropped off the face of the earth, we have just hit another BUSY stage in our lives and we are getting some things worked out. I have made the CUTEST tree skirt on the planet and it was the easiest thing on the planet. I have all the pics and DIY goodness and will post real soon! Stay with us, I promise it will be worth it.


On another note, for everyone local, Hello Ladies has a booth at the Blue Suede Shoes Antique Store in Bryant. Inventory will be up before December – right in time for last minute Christmas Shopping!!!!! Will let you know when it is ready!!!!!


Fabric Coiled Coasters ….. fail

So I have been seeing these really, really, really cute pics of fabric coiled coasters ALL over Pinterest, so I decided that the girls and I would try our hands at them this past weekend….. It didn’t go well.


The instructions were great on this tutorial and I loved how theirs turned out …. but ours didn’t turn out so great. I apologize for not getting pics of Gabby and Kayla’s finished project.


The best part of the night was ripping the strips of fabric we needed.



I blame my choice of fabric mostly, but it was A LOT of work and I wasn’t please it how it came out. I may try it again one day…. maybe not, who knows. If you work on it and it comes out better…. let me know.  :)