Exciting News!!!

Just faxed off our application to participate in the 2010 Farmer's Market at the River Market in downtown Little Rock!!!! We are SUPER excited about this step - we are quite sure it's going to be an amazing adventure.
Here are some pics of the River Market if you aren't from around here.
Yes, we are super excited .... but to get a great spot at the River Market (first come, first served basis) is to be there at a CRAZY early hour......Like we need to get in line at like 3 or 4 am. yikes. But I have come to realize and accept that I am a morning person and that we are fully capable of doing this. I'm praying the coffee shop opens that early.  :)

Anywho - thought we would share the great news!

Renegade weekend

Here are a few of my pics from the weekend :-) now that I'm looking over them...they're mostly about food. haha go figure.

we packed lots of colorful yarn and crocheted our hearts out.

We ate at the fanciest panchos ever!

This....this was the best burger I have ever tasted. Red Robin, I love you.

After we finished at renegade, we went across the street and ate here. the sign said "Rain or shine it's always pesto pasta time" on one side and "Life is short eat more pasta" on the other side. AND it had the most fabulous cheese raviolis everrrrr.

Then we went to the capitol and it was beautiful :-).

It was such a fun weekend!! Now we're having an HL meeting tonight to hash out some of our ideas and plans for the future. EXCITING!!

p.s. wanna know how I turned my phone pics into polaroids??
poladroid project...it's so cool you should check it out!

Hope you all have awesome plans for the weekend.

eeeek...where has the time gone??

SOOOO - it's summer time (not officially, but it is in my brain) and summer is the time where I get my butt in gear and actually get my life in order and my goals back on track. So since HelloLadies is apart of my life.....that's getting back on track also.

First off Krystle and I road tripped down to Austin, TX last weekend (the hubby drove for us) for the 1st Renegade Craft Fair in Austin.

We had TON's of fun and got lot's of great ideas, meet some really great people, bought some cute stuff and all around had a great time. I got to meet Elsie Flannigan (sigh....such a dream come true) was the biggest geek in the world about taking my pic with her, but I made it through and got the pic.

Krystle showed me how to crochet a cute winter hat, so I have 2 down, working on the 3rd and have ideas for about 10 more.

I've been working on hairbows like crazy, I started on a different size last night, and i LOVE it.

Making some more onesies - working on some different ideas - forgot to take pics of the umbrella onesie I made a month ago....ooppppssss.

So in closing - we are getting our butts back in gear and getting our biz back in order! Thanks to everyone who has stayed with us!


Take a break...

Hi, Krystle here :-). It's finals week and I'm taking a break (Yea, it's 7:30 AM and I'm already taking a break I've been up for a couple hours already) from studying this morning. So far I have semi finished my research paper, I'm working on my presentation of that paper, I'm studying for my World Lit II final, I'm moving out of my dorm and into my house today, ANNND I have a Chemistry final tomorrow at 8AM that I don't even want to think about right now. Pray for me not to lose my sanity...my best friend's wedding is this Saturday too. Can you say "craziest week ever!"

That being said, I hope you're all having an awesome week. It's the first week of May and May means summertime (even though official summer isn't until June 21). And summertime makes me think of the beach!! :-) I'm currently painting my room a deep teal color that looks just like the ocean ( I LOVE) 
and when I finish I'm going to have one wall of beach/summery pictures. I've already picked most of them out and I wanted to show them to you!

I am so excited about this summer wall. I feel a little better just looking at the pictures. Don't you love the beach?? ...or just summer in general. 

Happy summer everyone!