Pure Ambition.

I'm going to be very ambitious and hope to do a little crafting this week. Here are some sneak peeks. Nothing new (I don't think), all stuff I've done before...I haven't been really crafty in a couple weeks and it's starting to get to me lol

A few granny squares...

And maybe one or two of these headphone sleeves...

and definitely some more hats...never to late to get ready for fall/winter updates lol

I'm also hoping to work on my big afghan...but I think I'm already being a bit ambitious. So, we'll see.

What kinds of crafty ambitions do you have for this week?



The craft room is an amazing mess, so that completely hinders me from working. I spent most of the evening cleaning...and haven't got very far. I would show pics, but it is embarassing, so here is one or two of the not so messy areas of the room.

Enjoy!  :-)
the fabric shelves - most of the time, these are in order... most of the time.

other supply shelf  - most of the time, this stays messy .... hehheee

the bulletin board of bow tie bows.... on sale soon. :-)

etsy update coming soon.....

These lovelies should be in our Etsy shop before the end of next week. I've got 2 more to photograph, and maybe a couple more to make.... gonna be a super cute update.  :)