New Adventures....

Everyone of the Hello Ladies has been super busy since the snow a couple of weeks back. On the 13th Krystle came over and her and I worked on a new project.....check out the cool pics below!

We dyed some socks for Gabby, she LOVED them! (don't you love our Burger King product placement on the TV in the background)

 I've started the fun project of re-arranging the Sweat Shop.... Brand put together 2 new shelves for me,  think it is going to be perfect! Will post some pics when I finish the room!

We are also trying to re-schedule our Hello Ladies Eureka Springs Trip. We have a date, everyone is just working on their schedules.  :)

Have a great week everyone!

Weekend Trip to......Hot Springs!?!

Well, our trip to Eureka Springs was cancelled due to several inches of snow to our north. We then tried to go south..... Dallas or Mississippi area.....snow to the south..... ugh! So we went to Hot Springs! We have a fondness for Hot Springs, Krystle and Jess both grew up there and I completely adore the history of the place.

Of course Krystle and I were not able to make the trip, due to the fact that Krystle was getting an Ipad for her birthday/valentines day, and I went to a family birthday party at PlayTime Pizza. They had fun though, and we are planning another trip to Eureka in the spring time.

In other feels like the entire state of Arkansas has shut down due to all the snow that is predicted for today. It is snowing pretty good right now.....I am optimistic that we will get every last 8 inches of snow they are expecting.  :)

Since we are virtually "snowed in" here are some beautiful snow day inspiration pics.

I think it would be cool to have a snowy wedding... maybe not, I don't like the cold that much.  :)

If you are getting snow today, be safe and get out there and have some fun. If you are not.....enjoy your Wednesday!



OMG - I am in love with this DIY!!!

Iphone cover!!!!

I think Jess is going to make one, she will have to make one for me of course, since my drawing artistic skills are nada...  :) eeeeekkkk - will show pics when she gets through.