Vacation Finds

Yup, I am on vacation, but that doesn’t mean that I am not constantly looking for things Hello Ladies needs to work on. Today while out shopping Jess and I made a pretty sweet purchase ……


YES….that is wrapping paper to be turned into coasters!!!! LOVE IT!

Jess also spent part of the morning drawing us a stamp for our products…. Hopefully the lady that we sent it to can carve it out okay.  :)


Anywhooooo, that’s all we got for today. OH Jess joined Pintrest. Look her up if you are on!


Yarn therapy. It's a win-win

I have been so BUSY! However, I haven't let that stop me from making cute things! Honestly, at this point in my life it's like therapy, yarn therapy, if you will. It's a win-win situation because I feel better and you get to buy cute stuff.

This craft season we're going to have several new items for you! Exciting, right?! I thought I'd share a few pics with you just so you'll know what you can look forward to.

We bought some sweet "Thick and Quick" yarn from Lion Brand - for the sole purpose of making iPad Snuggles!

And that is the first finished HL iPad Snuggle of the season!

Can't wait to start another. These color combos are to die for! I know you're marking your calendars RIGHT NOW for our first show on October 8 at Old Fashion Day in downtown Benton. We can't wait to see you there.


Dream Big or Go Home

No news on the building yet, but we are still praying and believing it is ours.  I went to Conway today to work at our Conway Church, and while we were out getting supplies we chatted A BUNCH about the biz and where we want to go and different ventures we wanted to start…it was amazing.


We did decide that when we got the store we would have an area of clothes that have been “repurposed”.  If you aren’t sure what that means … let me school ya.

THIS is Project Restyle!

SOOOOO – we stopped by a consignment shop and picked up several items that we are gonna try…… Got home too late to take pics of our finds, but will do that tomorrow. We are SUPER excited about this new venture.


Keep checking back!


Craft Gossip Blog Meet-up - pt.1

Last Saturday I was honored to be included in Craft Gossips first blogger meet-up! It was in Little Rock!! So awesome! I got to meet some WONDERFUL ladies, eat some great food, and come away with more goodies than I know what to do with.  :) The whole event was sponsored by EK Success (awesome). These are a few pics the Craft Gossip ladies took, will be back in a few days with an extensive post on all my goodies and how I used them. 


This was me explaining the Hello Ladies Blog – I was the last person to go and everyone was already eating so it was awkward and I made it quick!    :)


Each table got a plain black hat to decorate for a contest.  :)


Group PIC!


Getting supplies for our hats.


Using an EK Success kit to make the cutest hair bows or pins. I have been seeing these all over the internet and have no been able to figure out how to make them…. I finally got to figure it out.


Our finished hat!


Going through the goodie bags! Yes, BAGS!


Craftin’ it up!!!


Just some of the goodie! Yes, SOME!!!



I had a super great time – thanks Craft Gossip and EK Success for making it a blast!


Dream Buildings

It has been a dream of Hello Ladies since we started to own our own store in our cute little downtown. We’ve been looking at this  building (below)  for the past year, it’s been empty this whole time, but we’ve always been a little nervous to take the leap… Still are.



BUT there is another building a road over that is twice as big and has 3 times more parking than the other space we wanted. It’s empty too, but there are no signs that says it’s for sale or for lease, so we are gonna have to do some investigating to find out who owns it.




We have such big ideas and we are all feeling the “get it done” vibe in the air. I am pretty excited about the prospect. Is it going to be a lot of work??? Yes. Is it going to be a pain in the butt sometime??? Yes. Will be the best years of our lives……??? YES!!!!

Busy Busy Busy

We’ve only mentioned it 100 times……but it’s craft season time!!!! Here are a few sneak peaks of what we are working on……

Baby Beanies

Baby Beanies…..from Krystle – LOVE!!!


Peace Sign Onesies


Pirate Whale Onesies – hopefully I can make an eye patch to go over this! 

Anyhoo ----- will post more pics, when we have more stuff to show!!!!



After a year of putting it off…….I finally learned how to crochet from a pattern!!!!! I had to hunker down, put the pattern on one window of the computer and youtube on another window (so I could learn the simple stitches). And so here is my first flower ALL BY MYSELF!!! I was super proud. I will say I still cannot crochet in a straight line…. my tension is still a bit off, but this was a great start!


Star Crochet Pattern

Here is the link to the pattern I used

Here are a few other flowers I want to try real soon!

crochet flower pattern




Krystle has been working on inventory headbands. She has a super cute new stitch and I think people will love it.



We are getting geared up for craft season!!! We’ve got 3 shows booked and will probably book another one on Tuesday. The fall is our favorite time to be at craft shows. The weather is cooler, we can wear super cute fall-ish clothes, and can stop and get hot chocolate or coffee on the way to the show! EEEEKKKK!!! So fun!

I’ve (Hello Ladies) has been invited to go to a local business blog lunch in a week or so, I am pretty excited about meeting with other local bloggers and crafters.  When I get more details I will send them your way!!

Have a SUPER great Labor Day!!! If you are off work – enjoy, if you had to work…. may it be the best sales day or the quickest work day you’ve ever had!!!!