Dream Big or Go Home

No news on the building yet, but we are still praying and believing it is ours.  I went to Conway today to work at our Conway Church, and while we were out getting supplies we chatted A BUNCH about the biz and where we want to go and different ventures we wanted to start…it was amazing.


We did decide that when we got the store we would have an area of clothes that have been “repurposed”.  If you aren’t sure what that means … let me school ya.

THIS is Project Restyle!

SOOOOO – we stopped by a consignment shop and picked up several items that we are gonna try…… Got home too late to take pics of our finds, but will do that tomorrow. We are SUPER excited about this new venture.


Keep checking back!



Anonymous said...

I like your before and afters-especially the black and white checked one. Did you give a tutorial somewhere?

Krystle said...

these pictures are just pics of our inspiration from project restyle. We will post some pictures and tutorials of our own in a few weeks :-)

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