After a year of putting it off…….I finally learned how to crochet from a pattern!!!!! I had to hunker down, put the pattern on one window of the computer and youtube on another window (so I could learn the simple stitches). And so here is my first flower ALL BY MYSELF!!! I was super proud. I will say I still cannot crochet in a straight line…. my tension is still a bit off, but this was a great start!


Star Crochet Pattern

Here is the link to the pattern I used

Here are a few other flowers I want to try real soon!

crochet flower pattern




Krystle has been working on inventory headbands. She has a super cute new stitch and I think people will love it.



We are getting geared up for craft season!!! We’ve got 3 shows booked and will probably book another one on Tuesday. The fall is our favorite time to be at craft shows. The weather is cooler, we can wear super cute fall-ish clothes, and can stop and get hot chocolate or coffee on the way to the show! EEEEKKKK!!! So fun!

I’ve (Hello Ladies) has been invited to go to a local business blog lunch in a week or so, I am pretty excited about meeting with other local bloggers and crafters.  When I get more details I will send them your way!!

Have a SUPER great Labor Day!!! If you are off work – enjoy, if you had to work…. may it be the best sales day or the quickest work day you’ve ever had!!!!



Jerskuh said...

YAY!! I love the flower! Hey, I'm envious of anyone who can crochet at all, and my Mommasita is the Queen of crocheting, you'd think I'd know how...nope. :)

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