Project Baby! Month 2

Okay, technically I made this for a different baby. BUT I'm making another one with a few different colors for this baby. So, here it is. This time I didn't write the pattern, I found it on this awesome website that has tons and tons of free patterns. Here's the link to the pattern.

Here is the finished product. (FYI this was only my second attempt at amigurumi and it went off without a hitch). If you're just a beginner at amigurumi this pattern is pretty informative and easy to follow.

This is everything I needed :-) (plus a paperclip as a stitch counter).

I stopped halfway through the head to attach all the facial features.

I used yarn instead of buttons for the eyes...because it's safer for little babies.

Before I attached the head and body.

The key to being able to sew the head on properly is to leave yourself a SUPER long tail. Like leave as much as you think you'll use and then some more. The pattern isn't super helpful in what technique to use when attaching the head and I kinda had to wing it. But it wasn't hard to find what works.

So here he is all finished! It turned out pretty darn cute, dontcha think?!