2010 - Your Color is Turquoise

First of all I didn't know that they picked a color for the year, but if they had to pick one......I can get behind turquoise! My craft studio is Turquiose/Aqua, so I am completely in love with the color.

In celebration of Turquoise winning "Color of the Year" (I assume there was an award show I missed somewhere) here are some beautiful pics.

(all images are from weheartit unless otherwise noted)

There is even a whole website called "House of Turquoise"!


This week...

I'm working on a scarf. The pattern is called Queen Anne's Lace, it's a tad more complicated than I'm used to. I have to remember more elements...but once you get going it starts to come naturally. I'm pretty excited about it. I think when I finish this one I'm going to give it to my roomie because she has been drooling over it since I started it :-). I love making things for people! Here's a peek, it's totally unfinished but soon it'll be a full size scarf.

Hope you're all having a good week so far!
Be crafty!

Check it out :-)

Hello Ladies has officially sold their first item in their etsy shop!

This super cute onsie:
There's even better news...if you like this cute onsie, there are more in our shop! And if you have an idea for a onsie that you don't see in the shop guess what. You can request a custom item and we'll make one just for you! So you should check us out on etsy and find something that tickles your fancy! Also be looking for a mega update at the end of this month :-)

Seriously, stop by the shop :-) http://helloladies.etsy.com

- HL gals

Inventory Photoshoot!!!!

A little "behind the scene" action at the HelloLadies Photoshoot - yes we do make our models hold our stuff  :) It was a little chilly outside and of course Jordan and Jessica didn't bring their jackets!!!! Crazy girls! Krystle didn't bring her camera....we fired her, until she pulled out a cute hat she had crocheted....then we re-hired her. We had a ton of fun!

And here are the finished pics! Some of them....

Be looking for our big Etsy update at the end of the month!

Owl B lovin' U

I have officially started to love owls. At first I was opposed because everyone in the world was in love with owls, but what can I say ... I drank the kool-aid, and joined in. Here are a few of my fav owl finds on Etsy, go check out the shops and give them some love.
Have a great start to your week!

Orange and owls....perfect combo!


I need to start writing more letters and paying bills through the mail again, JUST to use theses!

love, love, love stamps!

I LOVE THIS NECKLACE.....I'm just sayin'.   :)

Super adorable!


I wish I knitted, so I could make one of these!

sigh.....so cute!


This is TOO cute!    -link-

Getting things together for our photoshoot tomorrow! It's going to be a great time, and I think I am gonna talk Krystle into making a little "behind the scenes" video of our day, wouldn't that be amazing!? Be looking for that, if we can't work out the video, I will have photo's.   :-)

It's been absolutely beautiful here in Central Arkansas the past day or so! Feel's like spring is right around the corner .... yay!

Have a great day!

I Want To Get Away.....

It's been a little too cold for my taste here in Arkansas this year....I would love to head down to the beach, or really anywhere warm ..... or interesting. This post is all about "interesting or calming" places I have found on the internet......enjoy!

not sure of original file.....sorry  :(     But beautiful!

quick post

Yay for new pics.....well one new one. This was from Valentines Day - after church we snapped one. I was suppose post this ON Valentines Day...but that obviously didn't happen, so here is our Belated Happy Valentines pic!  :)

This weekend we are having a photoshoot with all of our inventory and models! We are pretty excited about it, and so we are in a semi-mad rush to get projects finished before Saturday.

OH - in early March, Hello Ladies will celebrate their 1 year anniversary!!! Woohoo! There will more details here next week, but be looking for plenty of fun posts, give-aways out the whazoo ...... it's just going to be a lot of fun!

Have a great night everyone!!!

PS - What did you guys do/get for Valentines Day?

Birthday Love

SOOOOO, yesterday was Krystle's Birthday and today is Jenna's Birthday! Happy Birthday Ladies, you both are quite amazing!

We are about to schedule another photoshoot, so we can have some new pics to show you  :)

Be looking for our HUGE etsy update at the end of the month.

Hope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day......what did you receive/give?

~hello ladies~

Hello Ladies Man Edition: Brand and Mandy

Hello all, this post is all about the love story between my super cute hubby Brand and me!

The above pic was taken on our 7th wedding anniversary, we are going on 9th this year.

Soooo, our story doesn't really have a "beginning" place, Brand was just the friend of a friend who started coming to church. I noticed him right off the bat, because there were only 4 guys around my age in the church, and one of them was my brother....so eww. I really didn't pay much attention to him, because I was waiting for my dream guy who was suppose to have blonde hair and sing to me. :-)

 I guess the first time I ever "thought" about him in a way other than a friend was when he showed up to church in a suit .... I am a sucker for a guy in a suit. BUT, I still didn't like him in that way, everyone was trying to set us up, but I didn't like him (and I hold true to that statement - people). And I wasn't going to waste my time on a guy that I didn't like, no matter how cute he was in a black suit with a blue tie...... I digress.

Anyways.....We had been flirting around for about 4 or 5 months and then he gave me a rose at a friends b-day party and that was all it took ..... yup, a rose won me over. (a little sad, I know.) We started dating right before Christmas, he asked me to marry him in February, and we were married August 11, 2001. People have often told us we were too young to get married (i was 20 he was 23), but I disagree completely. I knew he was the one, and I wasn't going to date for 2 or 3 years, when I knew. We were ready, we both had steady jobs, cars paid off, no debt, and were in love. What more do you need?

We've been extremely happy for going on 9 years and I have never regretted any choice that I have made regarding our marriage. I never believed people when they said that you will love your spouse more with each passing year ... it's true, I love him SO much more than I did on our wedding day, and it excites me to know I will love him even more 10 years from now.....

L for Love