Makin' a List...

I love making lists. Sometimes they get too big and I have to stop myself. Lucky for me, I have plenty of time to list things out in my World Lit II class because my prof talks in circles. Today I made a few lists and this is my week at a glance :-) as you can see, I have already checked off a total of 1 things. Haha, hopefully, I'll finish everything on my daily lists so my weekend will be totally free. (Today's not looking so good). I'm also volunteering to crew a film with some DF4 students! I'm psyched, it's called An Infinite Parade. I know basically nothing about the film right now I'm just blindly optimistic about it.

So, Mandy posted about her obsession with stripes, which is so perfect because my FAVORITE cardigan (striped of course) is about to get a make over! I swear, I'm not doing this because of her post...Mandy and I are practically the same person...and I know I say that about me and a lot of people...but when I say it about me and Mandy I mean it in an almost scary way. We're almost always on the same page.  But I digress...I've had this cardigan for about a year:

I love it to pieces but I've decided to give it some character AND expand my embroidering skills at the same time :-). I'm going to do some hearts on the pockets, then something cute on the black cuffs, and finally I'm thinking of switching the black buttons out with some fun colored ones. I'm really excited because one of my personal crafty goals for this year was to do more altered clothing and work with what I already have. So, check and check. I'm hoping to work on it some this week but my top priority is to finish my projects for the HL photoshoot this Saturday!! So you understand if I put my striped cardi on the back burner for a bit.
Here's something I'm working on for the photoshoot:

This week is going to be pretty busy...but pretty fabulous I think. I hope yours is too!

Be crafty!


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