Attention HL Gals :-)

It's friendship month :-). So, I just want to say to the rest of the HL gals, I love you! I'm so glad you're my friends. I love each of you because you're all so beautiful and fabulous.

Sarah, I love, loving musicals with you! And Glee, and good looking guys. (helllllooooo!) And I'll never forget that time we bonded during a near death experience. (Titan at Six Flags. HA!) ANNND we're forever connected at the Sweeny :-D!


Jess, we share the bond of living in the middle of nowhere. You've always been my friend, always. My church friend, my musical friend, my Ftn. Lake friend, my art friend, one of my best friends. :-)



Jenna, we both love SUMMERRRRR! I can always count on you to go to the lake with me :-) I love being around you because you're so happy and it's contagious. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of us together...sorry. I really do love you though :-) (P.S. I love that we were the only two blonds for a while.)

Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, when I say we're the same person, I actually mean it. Seriously, we have the same brain. We're like the greatest team ever. I'm really happy that we're friends. And for the record I felt that way BEFORE Josh was even in the picture. :-)



Hello Ladies, thanks for being awesome friends and happy friendship month/Valentine's Day :-)


HEARTS! - Krackle


Mandy Deitering said...

sniff, sniff! I love you too Krackle! :)

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