coming soon.....

I am pushing to make several of these for the Hello Ladies 'Super Huge' Etsy Update at end of the month.

They are not super big, but each one is completely unique. I don't know how to duplicate anything down to the last button, PLUS I may have used the last peice of fabric or that last kind of button..... Don't get your heart set on any of these, they were Christmas Presents for my neices. Never fear, the critters we put on Esty will be equally cute!

Other Etsy teaser update info .... there could be a baby quilt in the update, as well as some headphone covers, Jess is working on a painting (yes, I said it, a painting), new coasters, a few baby onesies.....get ready to feast your eyes, because I am pretty sure there will be something for everyone.



Jenny said...

love your blog, your shop and the super fun critters!
I will totally be buying one of these when they are done!
Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog too! :) Please pass my info along and I'll do the same!

Mandy Deitering said...

thanks! I will pass it along. :)

Linzi said...

I soooo need those headphone covers!! :) YAY!

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