Jessica's Top 10 Romantic Movies

Ok, so I'm like, the least girly movie girl I know. I know, it's a travesty. It's a slap in the face to all girl kind that I don't like romancy movies, but what can I say? I'm like a dude I guess. Anyway, here are the few lovey movies that have made the cut in my opinion:

1. Forever Young - two words: Mel Gibson. I know he's not at all amazing now, but I LOVED him in this flick! It's all about the whole "eternal love" thing, but what makes me love it is the fact that it starts out back in World War II 1940's and that makes it soooo romantic to me. Plus, it's got baby Elijah Wood, who is the cutest little punk ever!

2. Australia - Oh Hugh, how I love thee... let me count the ways:
1. You're a rugged, man's man, who takes charge.
2. You legitimately know how to ride a horse.
3. You're beautiful even when you cry.
4. You and the water bucket can visit me shirtless anytime.
5. The accent...I melt like butter on a hot muffin.
This movie is another one that is set in that romantic (to me) WWII era. I love everything about it. The adventure, the love, the sadness, the funny parts, even the bad guys are good. You run the whole gamut of emotions while watching it. It's truly an epic.

3. Stardust - This movie is a prime example of good casting decisions. I read this book a few years ago and when I saw they had made a movie of it I had to check it out. I went to see this in the theatre with my friend Melissa Seibert, and was most pleasantly surprised at how good it is. It really is every little girl's dream come true. So romantic, so sweet, and quite hilarious I might add! We laughed till we cried at Captain Shakespere. (And P.S. - Claire Danes' monologue about love is probably the best and truest description I've ever heard.)


4. 10 Things I Hate About You - Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles...I love 'em! Such a "teen angst" movie, but so endearing at the same time. I love Julia's character, Kat and how much of a turd she is. I also love the whole teeny romance between her baby sister and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So cute! And the scene where Heath sings to Julia in the football stadium is so hilarious!

5. Elizabethtown - This movie was love at second sight for me. Now don't get me wrong, I loved looking at Orlando Bloom the first time I saw it, but the whole movie had to grow on me. Now it's among my favorites. The soundtrack is amazing, and I still cry when he's on the road trip with his dad and they're "talking" things out. Plus, Kirsten Dunst is the cutest, quirkiest little thing ever! "Lovin' life, lovin you!"

6. Moulin Rouge - I LOVE MUSICALS. And let me just say, that I had no IDEA when I first saw this that Ewan McGregor has the pipes that he has. When he first started singing "Your Song"... whooooo sweet momma... I couldn't believe it. He can sing to me anyday fuher sher. This is one of the VERY FEW movies that I like even though it has a tragic ending. I'm mostly a "Happily Ever After" kinda chick, but this one I can do. (I think it's probably because they tell you about it at the beginning of the movie, so you're prepared for the ending ahead of time.)

7. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton - I like this movie for one reason, and believe it or not, it's not Josh Duhamel. It's the kiss. I'm not really a Topher Grace fan, but when he liplocked Kate Bosworth I suddenly wanted to be her. :) It really is a super cute movie, and the humor is great!

8. A Knight's Tale - Heath Ledger. He could pull of the messiest hair in the sexiest way. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie. Not just as a romance either. It's just a great movie all around. Guys like it, girls like it, it's so good. I love the marriage of the old days and pop culture, and I love the humour. Good times.

9. While You Were Sleeping - This is probably the schmooziest chick flick I can stand. Sandra Bullock saves it for me. I absolutely love her, and in this movie she's on top of her game. There are too many good things to describe, there are such good characters (Joe Jr.) and so many quotable lines. ("It looked like he was 'leaning'.") But the whole almost wedding scene at the end makes me cry every time.

10. The Princess Bride - "Mahwidge. Mahwidge is what bwings us togevah tooday." LOL! This movie was Stardust before Stardust ever existed. It's so cute, and so clean. I love it so much! Not to mention, Cary Elwes be lookin' mighty fine! I don't know what happend as he aged, but this was definitely a good age for him. This is another "true love is eternal" movie, but it's balanced by the out of left field humor that I love!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my movies! I sure do!
Feliz dia de Valentin!


Mandy Deitering said...

AHHH - While you were sleeping was like #11! I'm glad it made it to your count! "I loves black underware" :) Joe Jr was hilarious in this!

Was it "chuck and cindy: the wedding"? Gosh....good times!

Tell Hugh when he get's done visiting your house, to head on over to Alexander. Love it. :) this was about #13 for me. :)

windy said...

OK...I think I must have missed some good movies because I didn't see any of those! LOL! Being from another generation,I can't bring up the teckie stuff like the pictures and all but let me give you my list...
1. Casablanca...Bogey and Bergman...WOW!
2. The African Queen...Bogey and Hepburn...raw
3, Dr. Zhivago...Shariff and FAV!
4. Ghost...Swayze and Moore
5. Phantom of the Opera...the original
6. Hunchback of Notre Dame...Charles Laughton
7.Gone With The Wind...Gable & Leigh
8. Steel Magnolias...a mothers love is deepest
9. Fried Green Tomatoes...friendship's love
10. I've haven't seen it yet!

Krystle said...

Oh my word, Miss Windy! I L.O.V.E. Fried Green Tomatoes. Truest kind of friendship love!! And Casablanca AND Dr. Zhivago!! :-) love your list

Mandy Deitering said...

I will be honest here and say I have never seen Casablanca all the way through and I have never seen Dr. Zhivago. I own Roman Holiday, but I have not seen it...yet.

Jerskuh said...

I thought Casablanca was Bogey and Bacall?? I wouldn't know for sure, I've never seen it all the way thru. But I do love classics, so I will check out the ones on you're list I haven't seen, Miss Windy! ANNNNND, Fried Green Tomatoes is A-mazing. One of my favorite movies ever!

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