Top secret! You will love :-)

We are developing some exciting new merch! And we think you're going to LOVE it :-). I can't tell you what it is yet...but Friday we are locking ourselves in the sweatshop and when we come out we'll have tutorials, pictures, and merch for you to check out.

Here are a couple hints:

Okay...those were super vague hints...but we're not unveiling this until it's finished. :-) hehe!
We'll reveal the product next week sometime. So keep checking back!

-the Hello Ladies

will this work??

hello everyone, mandy here. I am working on being able to blog offline and then just upload whenever I get around to it...... this is a test, only a test.

Trying this again!

Okay, new program, new picture hosting site...let’s see how this works.....


Friday adventures

Well, Friday Mandy and I took a little trip to the cutest corner in little rock. We were seeking some inspiration and fun and boy did we find it!! :-)
There was shopping, cupcakes, and lots of chatting about random things hehe

At our first stop, Mandy got a precious baby shower gift and had it gift wrapped!

We went in this amazing kitchen store and found some really cool taco salad bowls...which we used later that day of course!!

We found the coolest place ever called the Painted Pig. It's a paint your own pottery/ make your own jewelry/ mosaic place. It had amazing music and it was super cute. They even do parties and ladies nights....I think we're gonna have to try it out sometime.

Then we had cupcakes....they were so good that we ate them before we could take a picture of them! :-)

Oh! And we found this yarn store, which was heaven on earth!! I could have stayed there all day.

We also found some really cute decor ideas for our future this fabulous chandelier!

After our shopping escapades were finished we went straight to the sweatshop and started cranking out some frankensteins

Mandy successfully made a cute scrunchy scarf! She had her own was quite hilarious

I finished this necklace made from an old tshirt and some beads!

I also attempted this scarf from the other half of my old tshirt...but it doesn't look as good as this picture.

All in all it was a great day and we have some great new ideas for Hello Ladies this year! We can't wait to make them happen!

The Hello Ladies