Hello Ladies Man Edition: Krystle and Josh

I guess you could say I've known Josh for a long time. We've gone to the same church for years. A more accurate statement would be I've known of Josh for a long time. I never really knew anything about him except that every time I saw him he was eating, or sticking his hairy toes in someone's face, or asking someone to pull his finger. I honestly don't know why he decided he was interested in me but one night in January after church he flagged me down in the parking lot and asked me out. It went something like "So yeeeeaaa...I like you. Do you think you'd wanna go out sometime?" If you know me, you know that I'm a very awkward person. In awkward situations like this one I don't do anything to make it better. So my response was something like laughing and then "Um...sure." Not very reassuring for poor Josh. Then he said "Well you don't have to say yes...only if you want to." To which I replied, "Yea, that could be fun." ...And then I drove away.


We waited until I graduated high school to go on our first date. So for almost four months, Josh was planning this date. I'm not going to lie, I almost backed out several times. He didn't sound like he just wanted to go out on one date so I was a little scared. One night I was trying to get him to tell me where he was going to take me and he said, "I want this to be your last first date." I decided right then and there I wasn't going anywhere with him because that meant that he was either going to marry me or kill me. I wasn't ready for any of that. Luckily, my best friend Lauren calmed me down and talked me into giving him a shot. He should thank her for that sometime lol.

One date, that's all it took and I was his. It was a pretty hilarious first date too! We got lost on our way to the lake. My favorite pair of flip flops broke before we even got the boat unhitched, so I had to wear his ridiculously big camo ones. Um, the lake in May--Yea...FREEZING! After the lake, we went to a crawfish boil at Lauren's house. Then he took me home and forgot to turn off his lights when he parked the car. So my dad had to jump his car at 1am. All that and as far as I'm concerned, it was perfect :-). 

We'll be dating for two years on May 17 and they're pretty much my two favorite years :-). I love him a lot. Happy Valentine's day everyone!



sarahbeth said...

This makes me laugh because i can so see you being totally awkward!! But y'all are 100% perfect for eachother. No doubt about that! (:

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