This week...

I'm working on a scarf. The pattern is called Queen Anne's Lace, it's a tad more complicated than I'm used to. I have to remember more elements...but once you get going it starts to come naturally. I'm pretty excited about it. I think when I finish this one I'm going to give it to my roomie because she has been drooling over it since I started it :-). I love making things for people! Here's a peek, it's totally unfinished but soon it'll be a full size scarf.

Hope you're all having a good week so far!
Be crafty!


Zabelle said...

Wow where did you got the pattern it's wanderful!

Krys said...

Well thanks, I found some pictures online and started working on it from the picture. BUT I found a really good pattern on It's called Queen Anne's Lace

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