DIY Headphone Sleeves

It's finally here, I promised it would be soon :-). This is one of my favorite DIYs because it's so simple and fast. This is my second pair of headphones and I finished in a little over two hours. It's supposed to prolong the life of your headphones by preventing them from getting tangled, and even though I did this one in a single color for time's sake, you could even use different kinds of yarn or multicolored yarn to add a splash. Don't fear if you don't know how to crochet. I promise you don't need to know just need the yarn and the hook. So here it is:

You only need three things:

The first step is to attach the yarn to the crochet hook. Then bring the yarn behind the headphone wire and pull through the loop on your crochet hook. Like this:


Next, do the same thing only bringing the yarn the opposite way. It should look something like this: 
 *You'll be pulling the yarn the same direction every time.*

Continue looping the yarn around the headphone wire and it should start to look like this:

 * You might have to scoot the loops closer together as you go to make sure your wire doesn't show.*

When you finally get to the Y, continue with either strand. I chose to go with the left one.


When you get to the earbud  cut the yarn and tie it off. I like to tie it off, then wrap the remaining yarn around the wire a couple of times and then weave the end in.
Now, attach the yarn to your crochet hook one last time. You're almost finished! There are a couple ways you can do this part. You can begin the right side at the Y or at the earbud. I like to start at the earbud because this way I can put some extra reinforcement at the Y.

Okay, once you work your way back to the Y, you're practically done! I like to go all the way to the Y and then do a few more loops around the split. Like this:

Tie it off, weave in your ends, and TA-DA! You just made headphone sleeves :-)! So easy and so quick. I encourage you to try it out, it will make you feel productive.

P.S. in these "finished" pictures I haven't woven the ends in yet. I like to use a little fray check to make sure they're secure and I don't have any in Conway at the moment.

Love you! Hope you enjoy :-)

Be crafty!


Mandy Deitering said...

i adore! so happy about this, because my ipod cover and my headphone color clash something crazy! thanks Krystle!!!!!!!!

stefidragonfly said...

This is SO cool. I KNEW you would rock this!!! You Ladies are AWESOME!

Anzouya said...

That's a SUPER fun idea!Thank you for this tutorial.

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