Exciting News!!!

Just faxed off our application to participate in the 2010 Farmer's Market at the River Market in downtown Little Rock!!!! We are SUPER excited about this step - we are quite sure it's going to be an amazing adventure.
Here are some pics of the River Market if you aren't from around here.
Yes, we are super excited .... but to get a great spot at the River Market (first come, first served basis) is to be there at a CRAZY early hour......Like we need to get in line at like 3 or 4 am. yikes. But I have come to realize and accept that I am a morning person and that we are fully capable of doing this. I'm praying the coffee shop opens that early.  :)

Anywho - thought we would share the great news!


windy said...

That is so x-citing!!!! You might bring along a thermos of coffee just in case!

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