Take a break...

Hi, Krystle here :-). It's finals week and I'm taking a break (Yea, it's 7:30 AM and I'm already taking a break I've been up for a couple hours already) from studying this morning. So far I have semi finished my research paper, I'm working on my presentation of that paper, I'm studying for my World Lit II final, I'm moving out of my dorm and into my house today, ANNND I have a Chemistry final tomorrow at 8AM that I don't even want to think about right now. Pray for me not to lose my sanity...my best friend's wedding is this Saturday too. Can you say "craziest week ever!"

That being said, I hope you're all having an awesome week. It's the first week of May and May means summertime (even though official summer isn't until June 21). And summertime makes me think of the beach!! :-) I'm currently painting my room a deep teal color that looks just like the ocean ( I LOVE) 
and when I finish I'm going to have one wall of beach/summery pictures. I've already picked most of them out and I wanted to show them to you!

I am so excited about this summer wall. I feel a little better just looking at the pictures. Don't you love the beach?? ...or just summer in general. 

Happy summer everyone!


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