Renegade weekend

Here are a few of my pics from the weekend :-) now that I'm looking over them...they're mostly about food. haha go figure.

we packed lots of colorful yarn and crocheted our hearts out.

We ate at the fanciest panchos ever!

This....this was the best burger I have ever tasted. Red Robin, I love you.

After we finished at renegade, we went across the street and ate here. the sign said "Rain or shine it's always pesto pasta time" on one side and "Life is short eat more pasta" on the other side. AND it had the most fabulous cheese raviolis everrrrr.

Then we went to the capitol and it was beautiful :-).

It was such a fun weekend!! Now we're having an HL meeting tonight to hash out some of our ideas and plans for the future. EXCITING!!

p.s. wanna know how I turned my phone pics into polaroids??
poladroid's so cool you should check it out!

Hope you all have awesome plans for the weekend.


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