Race for the Cure–Recap.

October 21st was Race for the Cure day in Little Rock! WE HAD A BLAST!!!!! There were several emotional moments for our group as we some remembered family and friends, while others celebrated a life saved. It was a day I will never forget. Just the SHEER number of people there was insane! It was a sea of humanity – literally. All there for one cause. Amazing.


3/5th’s of the Hello Ladies, Jordan was somewhere in the crowd, and Jessica had to work. Next year we will be together!


Jessica B showing off her survivor shirt and Hello Ladies mask. :)


The Race starting.


Several of us got emotional over the sign this lady was holding.


Krystle and I rocking our pink wigs…… Sarah photo bombing us in the background. 


There were people as far as the eye could see.



Judy (Krystle’s Aunt), Debbie (Krystle’s mom), Krystle and I…. We look HOT!


We were probably in the middle of the race crowd, and when you crossed one bridge you could look across at the other bridge and see the crowd in front of you or the crowd behind you…..It was pretty awesome to see.


BEST part of the day was all the signs and the sayings. Our Team was called “Jessica’s Walkers for Knockers”, there was some “WooPig Boobie”…. I could GO ON FOREVER! We made boob jokes all day long. The pirates were hilarious and the all time favorite sign was “Please stop this war in my Rack” and it looked like a war protest sign…. I cried laughing SO hard!


There were several people on the river with pink boats or pink paddles cheering us on.

All in all the day was pretty crazy, and pretty amazing. We walked for Jessica, but I know we all got something out of it. If you ever have a chance to Race for the Cure….do it, you will not regret it at all. I am looking forward to next year and the craft night beforehand to get our outfits ready…… eeek! Gonna be FUN!



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