Harvest at Hillcrest–Recap

Harvest at Hillcrest is one of our favorite shows to do. Very family friendly, LOTS of shoppers and usually a lot of strange people there too. This year was a little different… It has GROWN and there were about twice as many booths as there was last year, and we didn’t see too many strange people….. a little sad on that last one. Though a lady did come by while we were all working on something and call us “old bitty’s … in a good way”. We laughed on that all day.


Mo (Mandy’s Mom) made us a bunch of bean bag frogs to sell….and they sold like hotcakes.



Jordan organizes our change box…. it never stays like that.


Our cute earring display


Up the street


New Onesie Unit….. Big thanks to the Goodman clan for whipping this up in less than a week…it was WONDERFUL!!!!


Our newest owl shirts for adults. We sold the black one…yay!


Cutie Pie Onesies (which are for sale…. just sayin’)


Krystle made this owl Beanie….a lady loved it so much that she asked Krystle if she could crochet another one before the lady went home! And Krystle WHIPPED it out like a BEAST! So cute!

Jess walks through our booth…..

ANYWHO, we had a great day and


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