Ode to Houndstooth

SOOO I am a total fanatic about Houndstooth, so today I thought I would share some lovely finds from across the internet........enjoy!

Baby Shoes!...... can't get any cuter

sigh - so cute

Totally going to have a Houndstooth Christmas Card this year!

I am seriously considering this coat .......

love, love, love, love, love

how adorable is this dress?????

Can't resist these earrings...... someone I know may be getting these for their birthday!!!

Scarflette - you are beautiful


ADORE This Camera Bag!!!! Putting it on my birthday wish list!

If there are blue words in the description, go check out the links, buy something, houndstooth will never go out of style   :) 

Have a great day everyone!


Jerskuh said...

Ah, my love affair with Houndstooth will never end! I could seriously own all things HT and never get tired of it.

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