So, a couple of exciting newses for you tonight.

A.) We are at 99 fans...so the very next person that becomes a fan of Hello Ladies on facebook wins the prize...hurry, hurry, hurry!! If you happen to be the winner allow a few days for us to work out the gift certificate logistics on Etsy and then you can do some shopping :-).

B.) My dear friend Carla, who is my fabulous cake making mentor and second mom, now has a blog. She makes these FANTASTIC custom cakes right in her home kitchen. It is ridiculous...and despite what you may have heard about fondant cakes and how nasty they taste...these cakes taste amazing! Trust me I know the recipe...if you like sugar and marshmellows you would love her fondant cakes. She usually only makes one cake a week so if you have something in mind you should let her know in advance so she can save the date. Go check her blog out and become a follower. http://carlascustomcakes.blogspot.com/

Be crafty!


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