2010 - You have arrived!

Hello Ladies welcomes 2010 with open arms and excited spirits!

We had a meeting a week ago to get in unity and to discuss what this next year holds for us as 'Hello Ladies', and our personal goals. I've never been much of a 'goal' person, but this year .... it's pressing me to become that person. So this week, the ladies, and myself are taking some time to figure out what our goals are and then to get a plan together on how to do that! I know that we plan on doing a vintage photoshot this year, so be looking for that one soon.....as soon as it warms up, because Jenna couldn't handle it.    :)

We got a dusting of snow here in Central Arkansas today, it was beautiful and reminded me of Colorado SO much, I need to visit someday soon. I know my hubby would absolutely love it.

(Taken from my jeep window while the car warmed up. It was the kind of snow that when it fell it wasn't a blob, each little snowflake was different and seperate....sigh, it's melted now, but we expect more on Wednesday.)

I've been working on my picnic quilt....yay for me, I have the top almost done (just a little embrodiery work and it will be finished) and then I will quilt it.

I think it is adorable, and of course it got me to thinking about more quilts and SO I started 2 more baby quilts.....they are going to be CRAZY cute.

The craft nights at church start back up this Thursday night! A new crop of ladies and new talents to be discovered, I am pretty excited about it. I have learned SO much from these ladies and it's been the best time of fellowship I have had in a really long time!

Wwwwweeeellllll, I guess that's about it! I encourage you to set some goals for this year, even if they are small .... accomplish something!



Peptogirl said...

I tried to comment on your other blog but I couldn't for some reason. Anyway, just wanted to say your fabrics are cute. I'm hoping to sew a quilt this year too!

********Shelly********* said...

Loving your quilts, can't wait to see them finished :)


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