So I'm not sure that everyone knows, but Krystle (aka Krackle) is in LOVE with pandas. We (Sarahbeth, Krackle, Me & my hubby) recently went to the Memphis Zoo, and they have a big Panda exhibit there. Let me just say this: Krystle was beside herself. We spent at least half and hour watching them sleep, and then when they started waking up and moving around, Krystle expressed what can only be described as joy. Pure, complete, unadulterated, joy. She giggled like she was five again, and before we moved on, she had named the pandas. It was so freaking fun! So, to honor that great event in her life, I have posted some cute panda pics to hopefully brighten your day. (I know it will brighten hers!) :) ILY Krackle!!



Krystle said...

Um...greatest post everrrr! I do love pandas :-) oh so much.

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