It's a busy year for the ladies!

We have hit the craft show season hard this year! We've already done 3 shows and we have several more before the season is over!

We had a great time at the Craftin' It Up craft fair, then we had the best show of our career at Hillcrest Harvest Fest a couple of weekends ago. Last weekend we had a great time at Old Fashioned Day and next weekend (Saturday and Sunday) we're hoping for an even better week at Harvest! at Wildwood Park. If you're in the area you should definitely come and see us! We have tons of new merch including crochet headbands, super new coaster patterns:

friendship bracelets, and lots of clever onesies. We are so busy and excited about this season and we hope to see your lovely faces at some craft shows this year!

Hello Ladies!


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