First Public Appearance of Hello Ladies ...

Soooo, my best friends and I have been working on getting this business together called "Hello Ladies"....the name is a really long and funny story, I will let one of the other girls explain :)

ANYWAY, our first "show" was going to be at our town's "Old Fashioned Day" in October, but that changed when we were able to sell some of our wares at a little event at our Church call "Girls Night Out"! There was a super great response and that has really helped spur on our creative urges......

I will post some pics on here soon of some of our products (when I get my friend to show me how ..... heheheeee). OH and we are trying to get a photoshoot together for all of us girls to get a group shot ....... coming soon ..... hopefully!

with love,


Leigh-Ann said...

Hi Mandy,
If you can do it today, you *can* still signup for the Indie Business Online Class... there's ONE spot left, then we're at capacity.

Info & Registry Here:

Leigh-Ann :)

Krystle said...

I love love love this.

Krystle said...

OFD was A-MAZING! I can't wait for the next one. item: HATS :-) Yay

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