Old Fashioned Day

     Old Fashioned Day was such a success! It was FREEZING outside but the ladies stayed warm, thanks to some help from the boys :-). We are so excited to finally start moving forward. We have three craft shows coming up that are still unconfirmed. The first is Saline-O-Ween (how fun does that sound?!) at the Saline County Fairgrounds. We'll keep you posted on other events.

     In other news, coasters turned out to be our best seller so we'll be working on those in the Hello Ladies Sweat Shop, as we affectionately call it. Also, just to get you a little excited, winter hats will be coming soon! They make great Christmas presents :-). My number one goal this week is to put some pics of our work up for your personal enjoyment and inspiration. SO, come back and visit soon.
Have a great week, and be crafty!


Just Mandy said...

It was CRAZY cold and the wind would not stop!!!! I just got a chill thinking about it! hhheee - but we had an amazing time.

Krystle said...

I just want to point out that in the pic of the button ring display...I'm totally in the background stirring hot chocolate with my knitting needle. HA

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