Introducing, Ms. Black!!

HEEEEELLLO! This is my first ever blogness. I'm so excited.
Mandy told me I needed to blog on the HelloLadies page, so I thought I would introduce myself.
Hi, my name is Sarah Beth Mitchell and I am the youngest member of HelloLadies! BUT, I also answer to: MeMaw Mitchell(you would think with me being the youngest I would have a super hip nickname, but no) and my favorite, Ms. Black. Yes, I am referring to the Amazingness of Twilight and Jacob Black(team Jacob, woot woot).
I looooove my HelloLadies, they inspire me and I hope we inspire you!

Until Next Time
Craft Your Heart Out

PS, I can Crochet! (memaw)


Krystle said...

I taught myself 2 more stitches tonight!!! I'm so excited.

Jerskuh said...

I love you Sarahbeth more than I can explain...

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