2 things and an apology.

First things first the apology: Ok, remember when we were going to reveal some awesome secret merch to you? Well, I'm so sorry it's not happening as fast as we said it would...I don't exactly have a camera to take pictures for you...but I should have one soon and the first thing I will do with it is take pictures for this blog! :-)

Here's another hint: It is definitely wedding related but Mandy and I have tweaked it to be any-major-event-related...because we're awesome like that. And we even have a tutorial so that you can try one out yourself. BUT they are extremely low priced, so if you don't want to go through the trouble we'll do it for you.

Also, thanks Mandy for the love! If you guys want to check out our cool wedding planning ideas head over to my wedding blog. <--yes, I'm one of those people who set up an entire blog devoted to their wedding, just check it out. It's cute.



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