If you have never ever heard of Pinterest..... Don’t feel bad, I hadn’t heard of them till a few months ago. Now, I’m addicted.
This sight has been a AMAZING source of inspiration when I feel I have none. Each picture on Pinterest is a link to the website where the person found it. SO, if you see a pic of a DIY skirt you want to try and make....Click on the pic....zoom, off to the site where the DIY is found. Want to cook something outside the normal a pic, you will thank me later. If you have an iphone....they have an app and your app syncs with what you pin on your Pinterest boards, so you always have them with you. (handy for grocery or craft shopping and you forgot your list)
pinterest screen shot
I have been so inspired personally, but it has also been wonderful for Hello Ladies. We have come up with some great ideas off of pics that we have seen and saved. We aren’t copying their work, but something about the pic gives us a shot of inspiration and we get busy working on it. When we open our shop (one day) we have so many pics of displays we want to put our own spin on and make happen.... All that said, it is a great site. Here are a few pics and a few links to show you what I’m talking about.
anthropology window
Window displays...... um, YES!
baby boy bibs
Cute Baby Bibs LINK
HL Dressing room
Dressing Room....How awesome! LINK
hello bags
Shopping bags......perfect. LINK
HL Displays 2


HL Displays
So what am I should check out this site. period.


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