Tales from the River Market

Tomorrow will mark the 4th time Hello Ladies has set up at the River Market.... We are still as excited today as we were the first day. Our first day we got kind of a crappy spot, but we still did pretty good - made some money, met some nice people and sweated like crazy!

6.5.10 - Saturday
We got to the market a little later than we had hoped and got a not so great spot, but we still made some money. Krystle and I almost kissed out booth neighbor when he came over to help us put up our canopy. We would still be trying to figure that thing out.
These nice ladies bought Jessica's Painting!
We had the best blackberries EVER!!!

6.14.10 -Saturday
MUUUCCHHH better spot this day - we made about the same amount of money as the other saturday, but we had TONS more traffic and heard a lot more River Market gossip....it's really too funny.

6.15.10 - Tuesday
Our Friend Jess Bowen told us to try to come to the market on Tuesday - so since Krystle is out of school and I have a gazillion personal days, we headed out to the market. First of we got into the pavillion, which is completely shaded and has ceiling fans running......bueno! Second we were able to park, unload and set-up all in the same area, we were super excited about this AND we didn't have to set up the tent! I fogot to take a pic of our booth, but we did SO good on Tuesday - we doubled our money and could have made tons more if we would have had more boy onesies.....which we have since been working on. The pic is of our booth neighbors peaches ..... quite possibly the best peaches I have ever eaten, and she was the nicest lady in the world. I hope we get to set up next to her again!

So I mentioned we've been working on some new onesies - here are a couple of onesies that Jess Spencer made last night at our impromptu craft night.....


Krystle has been working on these amazing bracelets .....
all Safety Pins...... we LOVE.

Well there's a bunch more to tell, so that means there will be more blogging!!! YAY!!! I know you've missed us desperately.  :0)

Be back soon, we promise!


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