We're Reaching for the Stars...

Hey! So, Hello Ladies has been going through some growth and changes. Our adventures at the River Market for one thing. We are so glad that we decided to go through with it. We have met the most beautiful and interesting people. Not to mention our inventory is low, which is a GOOD thing :-). We just wanted to take a sec and thank you for being so supportive. You're such a blessing!

We also have some exciting news, if you are a fan of Hello Ladies on Facebook, you may have noticed a new tab on our page that says Shop....Well that's because we're opening a facebook store soon, very soon. So in addition to shopping on Etsy you could just browse while you're on Facebook. We haven't listed our items yet, but after a couple of photoshoots and some major merch replenishing it will be up and running. It's so exciting!! We'll be counting down the days with you...expect it in the next couple of weeks :-)!
Here are some things you can look forward to at the river market this Saturday...and in our brand new Facebook store very soon.

Also, if you're a fan of our button rings...and you have any buttons laying around (shank buttons included) we are always on the prowl for good buttons. We would gladly take them off your hands and guarantee that they will find new life as a super cute accessory! Drop us a message on FB, email us Helloladies_09@yahoo.com, or leave us a comment here.

We love you, and we hope to see some of your lovely faces at the river market this weekend!

-Hello Ladies


elycia said...

congrats on doing awesome at the market!! good job :)

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