It's Official ...... we have Inventory!!!!

After a crazy Thanksgiving weekend, Hello Ladies is proud to announce that our Etsy Shop is open for business!!!!!!!!

We have bracelets, earrings, coasters, onesies, button rings.....more will be listed (as soon as I get the pics taken and Jess can get the descriptions turned out). Stop by and take a look, we are really proud to have turned a fun hobby among friends into a business (and still be friends).

To everyone who has supported us ..... we love and thank you SO much for your kind words, your encouraging words, the advice, the concerns and the "pep talks". You will never know how much it has meant to us! To anyone who thought we couldn't pull it off   :-P.

Will be back to regular blogging ASAP, and as soon as "finals week" is over for Krystle, we are going to do our little series on our "craft heroes". I know I am pretty excited about that and you should be tooooooo.

Have a great night everyone, and I hope you had a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving!


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