Veterans Day and Craft-Spiration

First off - I want to thank all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in our military. There are really no words to express the admiration I have for you all, and there are especially no words to express my thanks for your service. Such a sacrifice not only for you but for your families and I want to also thank the families. God Bless America!

I move on to say that the Helping Hands Craft Show is Friday!! (and Saturday!) I am SO excited about meeting new people and getting Hello Ladies name out there.

There are so many new projects I want to start on, but this one is calling my name VERY LOUDLY!!!

sigh - I love.

In other news - Hello Ladies wants to send congrats out to Rachel and Family over at Smile and Wave.
Baby Ruby was born on Saturday and she is super cute!

ooooooo - Krystle and I have been thinking about starting a series of "Our Craft Heroes", we are pretty excited about showing our readers (all 7 of you ..... heheheee) where we get our inspiration.

Well that's all for right now. I will leave you with some cute pie pics! And go tell a Veteran thank you! (yes, that was a command....:D  )



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