Tomorrow, Tomorrow!!

Well, we haven't posted in a while and I'll tell you why. We are going crazy! New Moon premieres tomorrow and the ladies are going. Minus Jenna I think she has to work...but we take her with us in spirit :-(.
We've all made shirts and there will definitely be pictures of our creations. I love how each of our shirts reflects our creative personalities. It's so fun.

Just an update, the Helping Hands craft fair went fabulously. They raised 1000 dollars for CJOHN, which is amazing!   We met some beautiful ladies in the booth next to ours and we love them. Check them out on facebook Dragonfly Dreams and Designs! We got our name out there and met lots of wonderful people. Thanks to everyone who came to see us and even those who didn't. We love you all!!


We are very excited to announce that if all goes according to plan we will have the Etsy shop up and running shortly after Thanksgiving! I know, I know, you're counting down the days. Forget about the big sales at Kohl's and whatnot you can buy lots of cool handmade Christmas presents by the Hello Ladies from the comfort of your own home by going here after Thanksgiving.

Be crafty!


sarahbeth said...

excitement is dripping from my pores!!

windy said...

That ROCKS!!! You will have to show me how ETSY its easier than EBAY...I just haven't been able to figure out much less bid!!!!!!!!^_^ So very excited for you, you are all so talented. Want to see pics of shirts

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