Salineoween - good times!

Soooo - our second Hello Ladies craft show was on Halloween at an event called Salineoween (we live in Saline County). The event was from 10 to 6 and then from 7 till midnight, the craft part was obviously 10 - 6, that's how long we were suppose to stay set up.... at 11:30 other vendors started tearing down!!! By 2:30 we were there with 3 other vendors all alone, it was madness. I will say, that there wasn't that great of a crowd, but we still made a little money, so it was well worth it to us. PLUS it was the first sunny weekend in about 3 weeks - why would you not want to sit outside in the beautiful weather????

Oh well, we had a great time just hanging out like we always do. Jenna had to work, so my brother Josh, (who is also Krystle's boyfriend) came by and was the 5th "lady" for us. As Krystle said he literally "held down the fort", it was SOOO windy that Josh stood and held the tent for us so it wouldn't blow away, because it tried to dozens of times. I wish I would have gotten a pic, but I forgot!

Highlights of the day:  Ms. Windy and Felicia came by (love you!) and gave Krystle some crochet tips, Aleese, Lenzie and Jo stopped by to say hello, we got to hear a steel drum guy play was amazing, and at the end of the day there was a Pirate band....yes, I said a Pirate band, very amusing. All in all - it was another great weekend with my best friends, made some money, got our name out there, and enjoyed some great weather (other than the wind).  Next Event is Helping Hands Craft Show on the 13th and 14th of November! We are really excited about this one, because #1 it will be our first indoor show, and #2 it will be our first 2 day event! Come out and see us!

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