Day 1 - 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge

Mandy here! I have been elected to kick off this blog challenge and for day 1 I am sharing my 5 all time favorite Christmas songs.... If I can narrow it down.  :) This may end up expanding into my 5 all time favorite Christmas movies as well.

Lets get this started:

#5 - Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me - Elvis
The whole Elvis Christmas album is genius! It may not be some peoples' cup of tea, but I love happy, fun Christmas music. Plus we have a friend who jumps on the piano and plays it and sings like Elvis at the drop of a hat....can't beat it. Another one note worthy is "It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby".....

#4 - Carol of the Bells/Sing we now of Christmas - BarlowGirl
Super song, of course I love harmonies and vocal......this group is PERFECT! I love everything they do, and this song is a perfect mash up of 2 songs, seamless. Find it on itunes, or MySpace...purchase it, you will love it, I promise!

#3 - Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt
No other version compares to the fabulous Eartha Kitt. I LOVE singing to this song, I get all the words mixed up and sometimes I look like an idiot singing it in the car....but oh well! I love, love, love, love it!

#2 - I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas - Bing Crosby
Come on.....this should be on everyone's list......period. How can you not LOVE Bing Crosby???? Such an amazing voice, Jessica and I are on a mission to find the next Bing Crosby.

#1 - O Holy Night - by Seven Day Jesus
Best.....version.....ever! Of course I am a sucker for a guy who can sing high and sing with passion. Get on MySpace and find this version, if you have not listened to it, you have not official started your Christmas season....just sayin.  :)

okay that is my list - your challenge is to give me your top 5 Christmas Songs. We will pick a winner and the winner will receive (drum roll) a $10.00 ITunes gift card!!!!!! WooHoo!
Don't forget that this is a blog challenge, so send us a link to your blog, blog about this! It's gonna be a lot of fun.  :)



katiebug92 said...

I love bing crosby! :) I blogged my fave Christmas songs!

xo, Katie

tennille said...

i love the song o holy night it is my fav
then of course jingle bells and mr grinch lets see i have not really thought about this lol ill be home for christmas is another

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