Day 2 - 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge


Mandy again!!!! Day 2 of the Fabulous Blog Challenge is to share a Christmas Tradition......... We personally don't have any in the Deitering family, other than everyone comes over to our house to have the big family event. But we don't have any particular day or time or dress attire.....sooo I am stealing a family tradition from a co-worker Vicki (and Jessica's mother-in law).

Vicki never puts out presents before Christmas Eve night!!!!! Nothing gets wrapped, nothing gets peeked at, nothing gets shaken .... she spends Christmas Eve night, wrapping presents, and putting them under the tree, that way when the kids wake up ...TADA!!!! all the presents are out! I think it would be a great idea, but I would go crazy, so I wrap as I go.

I will say over the past couple of years we have started a bit of a tradition by spending Christmas Eve Night over at my parents and then wake up Christmas morning, eat breakfast, open presents and then watch some kind of Christmas movie. OH! and I don't allow clean-up of wrapping paper until all the presents are opened. I like for it to be one big mess of christmas paper and bows for just a little bit.....and then I have to clean, but cleaning as you go....takes some fun out of it. :)

What are some of your family traditions? Again, this request is paired with a prize.......A scrapbook kit made with love straight from the Hello Ladies mega stash of scrapbooking materials! So you can put your Christmas traditions into a memory book :).

So blog about this....tweet about it....facebook it.... we've got 10 more days of challenges and you might just find some new fabulous Christmas ideas in the process...... Who knows.  :)



Anne Marie said...

Love it! I wrote about my favorite one :)

tennille said...

ok so i do the same as my mom we never wrap presents till christmas eve. On christmas morning as a kid we would always get up and open our presents and then we would go to granny's and have breakfast and open presents. I love the family traditions we have in our family.

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