Day 3 - 12 Days of Christmas

Write a Christmas Limerick.

OMG so so so funnnnn! I'm super psyched about this one. If you've never written a limerick before here's the secret: it follows an AABBA pattern. So the end of every A line should rhyme and the end of every B line should rhyme. Since I'm no expert, here's a website if you want some in depth explanations.

This is my Christmas Limerick:
Snowflakes fall on the ground,
And pretty snow angels abound,
Kids bundle up tight,
And sit by firelight,
Passing hot chocolate around.

I cannot wait to read your limericks :-)
Today's winner gets a super cute pen and a stylish button ring. So you can look chic while you write more limericks, of course!

love you!


Christina Atchley said...

Let the Ham be sliced,
And make sure the veggies are diced,
Remember to be giving,
And happy to be living,
Most of all be thankful for the birth of CHRIST

Anne Marie said...

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