Day 11 - 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge

SOOOOO we are a day late with this, but hey, it's Christmas! Today's (yesterday's) challenge is to share some past christmas photos. We didn't take a whole bunch of pics when we were growing up on Christmas morning, so I am going to share a few from yesterday and last years' festivities.  :)
I think this was 2 years ago... this is me unwrapping my gift card from my brother ..... it took me 2 minutes and 32 seconds.... we timed and filmed it. We laughed SOOO much!

Also 2 years ago, maybe 3. I gave all the girls handmade kitty cat dolls, they LOVED them! :)

This year! Gabby and Krystle working on some fashions.

This year, Gabby is playing with her new fashion designed toy!

Also, this year, Gabby got a few Silly Bands. (note: we did make her put some on the other arm, they were starting to cut off some circulation.)

This year! My mom found this cute item at the antique store she works at....I LOVED it so much!

It was a great Christmas Eve for us, we had a great time! Hope yours was also!


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