Day 5 - 12 Days of Christmas

What's the most random/odd Christmas present you've ever gotten?

Okay, in high school, a club I was in had a Christmas party and we played dirty santa. The rule was you had to spend $0 - $5 on the gift. So most of the gifts were pretty hilarious. This is where I got the weirdest present ever (and I'm pretty sure it was one of the $0 presents haha). I got a hunter orange toboggan but that's not the best part... inside the toboggan was a cow keychain and when you squeezed it, it looked like it was pooping. ...yea.

kinda like this only a cow...haha

My dad has some of the best odd present stories though...
One year at the office Christmas party (they play dirty santa every year) he got a plastic fireman's hat from Firehouse Subs lol and one year he got a bowling ball that someone had stolen from their neighbor's yard.

So tell us about your random Christmas presents!
I'm so excited about the prize for's a random surprise present from me :-)! Paired with a cute bowtie hairbow...just in case you don't appreciate my random gift hehe.



Anne Marie said...

some fun memories of dirty santa parties
thanks ladies!

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