Day 6 - 12 Days of Christmas

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Mandy and I are doing this post together :-) so here's my wishlist. (I'll try to keep it short...haha)

1. This dress from Modcloth...or practically anything from Modcloth honestly.

2. An Amazon Kindle. OMG I can't even express to you how much I want this...

3. RECORDS!! I'm not picky I'm an eclectic soul. So I really just want records...of course there are a few I'd like to have more than others.

4. A family portrait with me, my roomies, and our cat and dog. I want this more than anything!!

5. Groceries!! Haha, we've been keeping our eating to a minimum at the 205 here lately...

This list could go on for that's all I'll share for now.


Mandy here!!! I am excited about my wish list as well....though it's a little late on the shipping end, so I am open to getting these presents any time of year.  :)

1. Mario the Hedgehog - this is SOOOOOOO cute!!!! eek! It's a pattern (hint, hint).... here is the link.

2. THIS SHOULDER BAG makes my heart go crazy! I love it.

3. The A-Team Movie - some may not have loved it.....but I was not one of those people. I adored this movie!

4. THIS dress from - I think I would look yucky in it, but hey, a girl can dream.  :)

5.  Another Spoon Ring. I have Brand's grandmother's spoon ring and I absolutely love it. I would really like in the next year to make some to sell here on Hello Ladies...... we shall see.


Anne Marie said...

this was tough...but still fun :)

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