All About MANDY!!!!!

I know, I know ...  you are SUPER excited to know alllllll about me..... hold the applause till the end please.  :)

Hello - I'm Mandy
I'm 28 ....eeek. I live in beautiful Arkansas, BUT I was born and semi raised in Texas. Houston area-ish. But when I was 13 we packed up and moved to Denver, Colorado.....sigh....the memories. Denver was the best experience of my life, I learned so much about the world there, both the good and the bad. At the age of 18 we packed up and moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. Yes, from Denver to Little Rock, another culture shock, but here is Arkansas is where I found myself and where I found my handsome hubby..... Brand.
OKAY, so who is this Mandy???? Well, I work at CenterPoint Church as the Media Director.....what do I do ..... a little bit of everything. I help with the youth, the children, the music, the computers, the copiers, I've watered a soccer field in the middle of summer, I have painted church walls, been a substitute teacher for the dayschool ..... I've done it all. I've been here for 10 years, and it's been an amazing ride.

I like to craft ..... okay, that's a bit of a lie, I'm obsessed with crafting.....yeah that's about right. We recently turned one of our bedrooms into a craft room, and the obsession just keeps growing. I am a collector of crafting items, I have pounds and pounds of buttons, yards and yards of fabric, rolls and rolls of lace, containers of paints..... it's a little crazy.

I like to color my hair, and my BFF Jess doesn't help my habit any...... I've been a red head, had black hair, dark brown, kinda orangish, but at the moment I am back to my original blonde....which I don't have a pic of, sorry.

My mom, dad and little brother live here in Central Arkansas with me, well not "with me", but near me. Josh (little brother) and I attend the same church, where he plays the electric guitar for the main service as well as the youth service. He is also dating one of my best friends, Krystle, so that makes me happy. Josh and Krystle are on the left and Brand and I are on the right. We had a 70's party for our pastor and of course we dressed up..... We had SO much fun!
My mommy and daddy.

Brand has two daughters that I adore the little one calls me her "aunt mom". It was something she started back when she was 3 and it has just stuck.

Last year (exactly) my best friend and I sat down and decided to officially start Hello Ladies. We've had the best time coming up with ideas for the biz!

If I had to listen to one band for the rest of my would be Switchfoot. I have just recently become a huge fan after seeing them live in concert. If you have a chance to go to that concert......GO. They are amazing live.

I am the proud owner of an '82 Corvette - my dream car since I was a little girl. My Hubby has been giving it a heart transplant over the winter, and it is almost complete. YAY!!!! I am super excited to start driving it again because not only it is the coolest car ever, Brand put in some massive speakers, and it is the loudest car ever. Paramore and I rule the road in this car!

Ummmm, I guess that's it............. If you wanna know more....just ask!

OH and you may applause now!  ;-)


Chelsea said...

I LOOOOOOVE Switchfoot and Jon Foreman! And I also LOVE your car! Happy one year!

TDT Designs said...

*claps loudly*
Love the car! I think you should post a blond picture. I want to make button jewelry but can never find buttons with big enough holes lol. Love the car! Great family you have!
Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday HELLO LADIES you are an awsome group of women!! Love ya!

Angie G.

Jerskuh said...

Those two chicks in the movie theatre shot with the New Moon shirts are hooooooot! :) Seriously, you're my bestest friend and I love you and I am so envious of the car (Eddie). As long as I get to occasionally rule the road with you and Paramore in the 'vette, I'm happy. :P

Yer fri-i-iend, Jess

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