Crafty Spring Break!

I hope those who are on spring break are having an amazing and safe time! Krystle and I have been crafting away. I took Wednesday and today off so Krystle (who is actually on Spring Break) could get caught up on some Hello Ladies merch. We had a great day yesterday and I think we are going to knock out a whole bunch of cute things today! Here is a look at what we accomplished yesterday....
Tomorrow (hopefully) there will be some changes ($$$) in the Etsy Shop, so you might want to check that out ..... tomorrow!

Side Note: I think we should totally rent a beach house and have a craft week.................... sounds amazing, I may have to make that happen!


Jerskuh said...

About the beach house...I like the way you think...lemme know when!

elycia said...

ohh those button balloons are sooo sweet.

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